Summer Training Ice 2017

Sun 9th July 16.45 - 18.45 (2h 00m)
Sun 16th July 16.45 - 18.45 (2h 00m)
Sun 23rd July 17.15 - 19.15 (2h 00m)
Sun 30th July 16.45- 18.45 (2h 00m)
Sat 5th Aug 18.00 - 19.15 (1h 15m)
Sun 6th Aug 16.45 - 18.45 (2h 00m)

These dates are extra to our normal training sessions Mon & Wed 19.15 - 20.15

Masters International Short Track Games 2017

Thursday 6th and Friday 7th April 2017 at Sheffield Results HERE

British Short Track Championship 2017

Saturday 1st and Sunday 2nd April 2017 at Nottingham
Results HERE

British Long Track Championships 2017

Saturday 25th and Sunday 26th March 2017 at De Uithof, Den Haag, Netherlands Results HERE

Solihull 11th February and Guildford 4th March 2017

Solihull. A good competition for Aldwych skaters overall.
Novice: First time away for Philippa Draper, skating as a novice, achieving a PB in the 222m (33.65). She came 2nd, then 2nd with a fall then 3rd. Dante Dalili, also skating as a novice, gained 2PB's in 222m (34.27) & 333m (53.53). Dante had a fast start in all races, a bit too fast in some cases but allowed. He won all his races. Well done.
Jun D and E: Albie Barlow came 3rd in 500m heats against a strong field. Albie gained 2PB's in 333m (46.17) & 500m (1.10.68).Joseph Armstrong came 3rd in 777m with a PB (1.36.11) again a strong field. Joseph came 2nd overall in the Jun E category. Ollie Rowe came 1st in his 500m heat (54.46) and gained a PB in the 333m (35.67). Ollie came 3rd overall in the Jun D category. Theo Collins came 1st overall in Jun D category and was awarded the Mary Cutts Trophy. Jun A,B&C ladies: Tanith Turner came 2nd overall in this category.
Jun A, B, C and men: Solomon came 3rd overall in this category and was awarded the Eric Franks Shield. Masters & Seniors: Matt Rowe came 2nd overall in this category with Simon Wallace 3rd. Gary Leighs achieved a PB in the 500m semis (53.27) and Paul Connaghton achieved a PB in the 777m D final (1.37.96).

Guildford. A well attended meeting with a programme of races by Gerard Williams. A big thank you to all parents and club members for time keeping, announcing, track stewards, heat box, competitor's stewards, lap board, refreshments, raffle and runner (Gabriel). Good results and PB's were gained. Some were competing for the very first time and others a first time in their category. Novice: Julia Branagan came 3rd in her first race (40.62) and Jasmin Ayres achieved a PB in her second 222m (43.37). Jun D and E: Dante gained a PB in his 500m (1.19.94). Matviey Rojas Lepekhin also gained a PB in his 500m (1.08.44) as did Jack Weedon 500m (1.10.69). The D final was an all Aldwych affair with Matviey 1st, Dante 2nd, Philippa 3rd and Jack 4th. Albie gained a PB in 333m (43.69) and did a 777m for the first time in 1.50.66. Joseph came 3rd overall in Jun E category. Theo came 1st overall in Jun D category with Ollie 2nd. Philippa skated in her category Jun D for the first time gaining a PB(1.09.31) and coming 2nd in the B semis. Group 2: A good competition was had between Abby Keable and Peter Carter with Abby taking 1st place in the D final and Peter a close 2nd. Abby gained 2PB's in 500m (1.06.75) & 777m (1.47.69). In the C final Zoe Clark came 1st and Peter Grewal 3rd with Mike Maynard coming 4th. In the B final Paul came 5th. He had previously done 2PB's 500m (1.00.62) & 777m (1.37.19) Group 1: In C final Lloyd Duncan came 2nd. He had previously done a PB 500m (51.07) with Gary 3rd who had achieved 3PB's 500m (51.56), 777m (1.25.84) & 1000m (1.50.06). Anton Carter came 6th with Ed Djemal 7th. In B final Olivia Weedon came 5th with Alex Collins 6th. Alex had previously done a PB 500m (50.26). In A final (Tom Laming Mile) Peter Carr came 2nd with Peter Armstrong 4th & Solomon Prempeh 5th.

Tony Gallon, Head Coach.

Sheffield, Jingle Bells Cup, 18th December 2016

Round 1 - 222m Jun Novices Dante Dalili came 4th out of 8 competitors. His first ever race. 777m Masters/Sen Men. Heat 1 Matt Rowe 1st. Heat 2 Simon Wallace 1st. Heat 3 Peter Carr 1st. Heat 4 Peter Carter 4th against a strong field. 777m Jun A,B&C boys. Heat 9 Solomon Prempeh 1st. Heat 10 Peter Riches 1st. 777m Jun A,B&C girls/Sen Ladies. Heat 3 Olivia Weedon 2nd. 333m Jun D&E. Heat 1 Theo Collins 1st and Albie Barlow 4th. This was Albie's first race representing the Aldwych club. Albie was racing seasoned racers, well skated. Heat 2 Jack Weedon 4th. Also racing against a good class of skaters. Heat 3 Joseph Armstrong 2nd. Joseph skated a good focused race. Heat 4 Ollie Rowe 1st. Well deserved.

Round 2 - 222m Jun Novices Dante Dalili came 6th out of 7 skaters with a fall. 500m Masters/Sen Men. D Final Peter Carter 4th. A Final Simon Wallace 1st. Peter Carr 2nd. and Matt Rowe 4th with a fall on the last bend and still did a time of 55.93. An exciting race with Matt running most corners with an eye on a finish with a good time. 500m Jun A,B&C boys. A Final. Solomon Prempeh 1st & Peter Riches 4th with a fall. Solomon raced a good determined race with a good time beating Ethan & Niall Treacy. But for a fall Peter would have been a contender along with Solomon. 500m Jun A,B&C girls/Sen Ladies. A Final Olivia Weedon 2nd. There were collisions and the race stopped and re-started, with the final race still having difficulties. 500m Jun D&E. B Semi-Final Jack Weedon 4th 1.11.15 (PB) taking off 3sec. Well done. B Semi-Final Albie Barlow 4th 1.14.20 A good time for a first 500m race. A Semi-Final Ollie Rowe 2nd A close race.. A Semi-Final Theo Collins 1st A definitive win for Theo & Joseph Armstrong 4th with a fall.

Round 3 - 222m Jun Novice Dante Dalili 2nd 37.08 (PB). A close 2nd place, nearly a 1st. Dante skated to win and gave the club and parents something to shout about. 2nd out of 7 competitors well done. 333m Jun D&E. D Final Albie Barlow 2nd 48.07 (PB) & Jack Weedon 3rd. 500m B Final Joseph Armstrong 4th. Joseph competed well against this field of skaters. A Final Theo Collins 1st & Ollie Rowe 4th with a fall taking him out of contention for a possible 2nd place.

A good race meeting with Aldwych taking a good number of 1st places right through the heats, semis & finals. A good skate with first race novice Dante Dalili coming 8th overall out of 14 skaters with a PB in 222m. Albie Barlow skated with a determination, skating for the club for the first time. Well skated.

In Masters/Seniors relay, the Aldwych team of Matt Rowe, Simon Wallace, Peter Carr & Peter Carter came 1st, after a fall, being lapped and then unlapping themselves and crossing the line first.

Placings:- Masters 1st Simon Wallace & 2nd Peter Carr. Jun A,B&C boys 1st Solomon Prempeh. Jun A,B&C girls 2nd Olivia Weedon. Jun D boys 1st Theo Collins.

Tony Gallon, Head Coach.

World Masters International Short Track Games in Sheffield

The World Masters International Short Track Games is being held in Sheffield on Thursday 6th and Friday 7th of April 2017.
The event is over 2 days and is open to skaters who have not been part of a national team in the last year.
The age groups are: 30-34, 35-39, 40-44, 45-49, 50-54, 55-59, 60-65 and 65+ and separate categories will be ran for male female.
There will also be a relay event for national teams.
It is on the ISU world fixture list for the 2016/ 2017 season.

Skaters will have to be a member of NISA to be eligible and an entry fee will be payable by all skaters. The costs will be on the web site.


There has been interest from 11 countries from skaters who want to compete, as well as many UK skaters and the closing dates for entry is Feb 28th 2017
There is plenty of time to getprepared and be ready for the event.


Congratulations to Theo Collins on receiving an OCS young sports persons award.
This award aims to recognise young sports persons that are excelling in their sport and have the potential to be a world class senior level competitor in the future.

Congratulations to Josh Romero on receiving a Sport Guildford Disability award for his achievements in speed skating and cricket.

Well done, Tony Gallon, Head Coach.

Guildford Open 12/11/16

The race meeting consisted of 3 groups and 2 novice groups.

Albie came first in all his races. Very focused race meeting for Albie with a PB in 333m. Well done. Philippa was very focused with controlled races getting a PB in 333m. Time will allow Philippa to progress well. This was Dante's first race meeting. All out skating gained a third place in 222m. Solara gained 2 PB's, one in 222m and the second in 333m. Again smooth and controlled races. Mac Yi an unfortunate fall in 333m but in his 222m made up 2 places. A few more races to get Mac into race mode. He is training to the good.

There were some hard races in Group 1. The 777m A final was a hard fought race with Peter Carr coming first with Lloyd Duncan second, Gregg Elliot 3rd and Anton Carter 4th. Lloyd and Anton both gaining PB's in this race. Gary Leighs winning the 777m B final with a PB with David Somma coming 3rd beating Mark McKenzie (Moh) and on the back of Keith Wright. In the 777m C final Helen Kirby (Moh) won with Clare Upton 2nd, Mike Maynard 3rd and Peter Carter 4th after an unfortunate fall. In the 500m C final 1st and 4th positions were the same but Mike beat Clare reversing their positions.

In Group 2 Alex Collins gained PB's in both 1000m and 500m heats. Alex came 2nd in the 1000m B final and 1st in 500m C final. Olivia had an unfortunate fall in the 1000m B final and came 2nd in 500m B final. Tanith came 3rd in both the 500m and 1000m B finals. Peter and Solomon both got 500m PB's in the A final. Solomon had a recorded time of 45.16. This cannot count as a British record as it was a manual time on only one watch. In 1000m A final Peter came 2nd to Ethan Treacy (Jun A Moh) and Solomon received a penalty for impeding which can only be described as a daring undertake on the corner!!!!!

In Group 3 Theo won all his races in a convincing style. Joseph Armstrong skated very controlled, smooth and impressive races giving him 1st places in both the 500m and 333m B finals with a PB in the 500m. Jack Weedon skated very focused and consistent races.

Group 1 (Seniors and Masters). First place went to Peter Carr with Lloyd Duncan second and Gregg Elliot (Sheffield) third.
Group 2 (Jun A,B and C). Ethan Treacy (Jun A Mohawks) was first, Peter Riches (Jun C) was second and Solomon Prempeh (Jun C) third.
Group 3 (Jun D&E). First was Theo Collins, second was Freddie Polak (Nott) and third was Noah Glynn (Mohawks).
Adult novices. Solara Dring came 4th and Mac Yi came 7th.
Junior novices. Albie Barlow came first with Philippa Draper second and Dante Dalili came fourth.
Tony Gallon, Head Coach.

STARCLASS-2 (SAB-1) - Asker, Norway - 4-6 November 2016

Tanith Turner came 13th in Jun B ladies with a PB in 500m. Aydin Djemal came 4th in Senior Men and Jonathan Moody came 8th in Jun A men. Aydin & Jonathan train with team GB in Nottingham.

STARCLASS-1 (CD-1) - Bolzano, Italy - 28-30 October 2016

Ollie Rowe's first Star Class event saw him gain a PB in the 777m, taking off 4sec, also PB in the 500m, taking off 1.5 sec (Jun D boys).
Theo Collins came 3rd overall in Jun D breaking his own British record in 777m with a time of 1.16.094.
Olivia Weedon came 9th in Jun C ladies with a PB in 1000m.
Solomon Prempeh came 13th in Jun C men with a PB in 1000m and came within 0.2 sec of the British record in 500m.
Peter Riches (Jun C) came 4th overall breaking Ian Upcott's British record (set in Sep 2003) in 1000m with a time of 1.35.251.

Domestic Fixture List for 2016/17

Click HERE to download Domestic Fixture List for 2016/17

Short Track Summer Camp - Oberstdorf, Germany
30 July - 6 August 2016

Overall Classifications

Junior E + F     4th Joseph ARMSTRONG,    10th Jack WEEDON
Junior D     4th Theo COLLINS
Junior C Girls     1st Olivia WEEDON
Junior C Boys     2nd Peter RICHES, 3. Solomon PREMPEH
Ladies     5th Tanith TURNER
Men     32nd Alex COLLINS,    40th Lloyd DUNCAN


Need4Speed is a nationwide search for Great Britains future Olympic Champion in Short Track Speed Skating.
On Monday 18th July, GB Short Track Performance Director (Stewart Laing) and Development Manager (Jon Eley) visited our club to give a presentation sharing key information regarding the Academy, including selection processes and it’s impact on skaters and the Club development. We need skaters who meet the following criteria:
  • A male or female athlete aged between 15 and 18 years old (must be aged 15 by 1st January 2017 and 18 years as of 1st April 2017))
  • Experience and background of skating on ice
  • Competitive, motivated by medalling at Olympics and World level, driven and determined
  • Interested in trying Short Track Speed Skating to explore how far you can go in the sport
Applications for Need4Speed applications close on 23rd August.
More information here

Nottingham Short Track Training Camp

There is a One Day Short Track Training Camp at Nottingham on Saturday 2nd July 11:45 to 7:30
Anyone interested needs to contact Pete Worth quickly at NIRC

Sheffield Short Track Training Camp

A summer training camp will be held in Sheffield, August 15th to 19th inclusive.
contact Keith Wright: for information

Summer Weekend Ice Training Dates

Extra Weekend Training On The Ice.
(in addition to our regular Monday and Wednesday training at 1915 - 2015)

The dates are:-
Sat 21st May 1845-2015 - 1h 30m - £7.00
Sat 28th May 1830-2015 - 1h 45m - £7.00
Sun 26th June 1645-1915 - 2h 30m - £12.00
Sat 23rd July 1645-1915 - 2h 30m - £12.00
Sun 31st July 1645-1915 - 2h 30m - £12.00
Sun 21st Aug 1645-1915 - 2h 30m - £12.00
A discount is still possible if you attend all 6 sesions the last one is FREE
Do not pay at the front desk pay Carol or Kay
Non club members welcome.

Aldwych Club Championship 2016

Aldwych Club Championship 18th and 20th April 2016.
Two good competition days with good results and some unexpected surprises.
First competition for Albie. No hesitation on his starts, straight into the races. Albie completed all his distances albeit with a slip at one stage. A bit excited but finished his first 500m at a good pace. Jack Weedon skated the competition with a determination which he showed in the 1500m completing the distance with a last lap almost sprint to the applause of skaters and spectators alike. Josh skated well throughout the competition although one fall which winded him and did not allow him to finish in that distance. Nice of his team mates to slow down and ask if he was alright but I hope they do not continue this practice in open competition. Joseph Armstrong skated fluently and with confidence. With that confidence he led out the 1500m race but Theo Collins took over the lead position. Joseph gained PB's in his 222m, 333m and 1500m skated in 3.18.81 (last year his time was 4.52.09).
Theo Collins Jun D came first in all his distances plus winning the 1500m with a PB from 3.13.66 to 2.59.57. Ollie Rowe skated a good competition holding his expected positions in his races gaining a PB in 1500m from 3.30.15 last season to 3.14.63 this. Nayla Djemal skated some hard races holding on to Ollie Rowe which showed in her times. She had PB's in the 333m from 39.59 to 39.07 and 500m 58.724 to 58.25.
Tanith Turner and Olivia Weedon had some hard finals against Solomon Prempeh, Peter Riches and Alex Collins. Both fell in the 1000m with Olivia coming 4th and Tanith 5th. In the 500m and 777m races Olivia came 3rd and Tanith 4th. In the 3000m race Tanith came 2nd with a PB from 6.17.06 last season to 5.52.03 this and Olivia took 4th place. Alex Collins skated really well, not afraid to take the lead in the 1000m resulting in PB's in all distances. 500m from 51.824 to 51.15, 777m from 1.23.84 to 1.23.31 and 1000m 1.49.457 to 1.49.07. In the 3000m Alex came 6th and although he had NTT his time would have been less than 6.26.50 (time for 9th place) meaning a PB as last season he did 6.48.31. Matiss had a strong skate against the competition in the 777 final. Peter Riches and Solomon Prempeh fought for 1st and 2nd places in the 3 distances with Solomon getting 1st in the 500m and 1000m and Peter getting 1st in the 777m. Peter Riches came 1st in the 3000m.
Lloyd Duncan came 1st in all of his 3 distances. He also came 5th in the 3000m with a time of 6.21.69, considerably faster than last season 7.33.59. Clare Upton had a solid skate in all her distances, chasing Lloyd. Clare came 11th in the 3000m. Abby Keable had a hard competition against Lloyd and Clare, but not put off skated steadily throughout holding 3rd place in each distance. Skating with determination in the 3000m Abby finished in 13th place. Solara Dring had a steady, tidy skate coming 4th in all of the distances against Lloyd, Clare and Abby. Solara entered the 3000m but unfortunately did not finish. Geoff Mills completed all his distances in his first competition and skated with some extra speed not seen in training. He was brave to enter the 3000m but alas did not finish.
Peter Carr, Simon Wallace, Matt Rowe and Peter Armstrong, a masters group to be reckoned with in all the A finals. Matt gained 1st place in the 1000m A final, Peter Armstrong 1st in the 777m A final and Simon Wallace 1st in the 500m A final. However Peter Carr came 3rd in the 3000m with a PB of 5.53.34 with Peter Armstrong in 9th place. Matt and Simon did not finish. Gary Leighs, Ed Djemal, David Somma, Mike Maynard and Peter Carter competed in the B finals. Ed gained PB's in both the 1000m and 3000m distances. Peter Carter gained a PB in the 500m and skated consistently throughout. David has stepped up his racing having a good competition with Gary and Ed and achieving 2nd place in the 1000m B final. David gained 3 PB's in the 500m, 1000m and 3000m. Gary won all 3 distances and came 8th in the 3000m with Ed 10th, David 12th and Peter Carter 14th.
Tony Gallon, Head Coach.
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